2021-22 Tampa Bay Charity Register: A Letter from Jack Gordon

Brought to you by Maney Gordon Trial Lawyers

by Jack Gordon -- October 2020

I am once again honored to serve as Executive Sponsor for the annual Tampa Bay Charity Register published by Tampa Magazines.

In 2021, charities of all kinds continue to face the challenges of limited fundraising events in our COVID-conscious world. Thus, the active willingness of socially responsible people to contribute their time, resources and donations is all the more crucial.

Here in Tampa Bay, we are fortunate to live and work within a population of so many intelligent, principled and socio-economically sophisticated men and women who continue to make this great community the location of their respective residences and professional careers. And if the greatness of any community is truly measured by its willingness to identify and assist those in need (whether people, animals, environmental entities, etc.) then let each of us commit to making ours even greater by contributing to our many great local nonprofit organizations.

Please note, each listing within this register provides information about the nonprofit organization and how you can contribute and make donations thereto.

Stay in Step is my charity of choice this year. It’s a nonprofit entity that has been of personal importance to me since its inception. I encourage you to read more about this local organization and all of the other wonderful charities referenced in this issue. It is my pleasure to present the 2021/2022 Tampa Magazines Charity Register.

— Jack Gordon, Attorney at Law
Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

My Favorite Charity

American Bulldog Rescue

Dog Rescue

This organization is dedicated to rescuing and finding forever homes for bull breed dogs in need. Dogs receive loving care in a network of dedicated foster homes until the time when their forever family is found. Since its inception in 1999, American Bulldog Rescue has had the... Read More