Robert C. Nucci, M.D.

6322 Gunn Highway , Tampa, FL 33625

For Dr. Robert Nucci, the motto “innovative medicine, old-fashioned care” is the basis for all he does. He was one of the first spinal surgeons to offer minimally invasive spine surgery and has long been on the cutting edge of treatment options like laser technology and PRP injections. Dr. Nucci combines those innovative techniques with personalized patient care.

“I focus on what I like to call “the forgotten patient”—the working patient who is healthy overall but has an injury that stops them from working and living their life normally,” Dr. Nucci says. “We diagnose them quickly and treat them with focused procedures, if needed, and get them back to their life.”

Education: M.D., Georgetown University; Internship in Orthopedic Surgery State University of New York, Brooklyn; Fellowship in Reconstructive Surgery for Neck and Back, Gainesville, Florida.

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