About the Experience

The offices of TAMPA Magazine are located on the water directly across from the skyline of Downtown Tampa. In early 2016 our magazine staff noticed a new activity taking place in and around the shores of Downtown Tampa. With the completion of the Tampa Riverwalk, we noticed that local area fishing captains were often pulling their boats up and picking up groups of hotel visitors and local residents for a day of fishing on the flat waters of Tampa Bay.

This gave our editors an idea: what if we could pair up these day fishing trips with local restaurants? In other words, what if the fishermen could bring their fish back and have them prepared by local restaurants for a meal that evening?

From that, the TAMPA Magazine Hook ‘Em and Cook ‘Em series was born. We’ve illustrated some of the trips we’ve taken over the past year on the pages of this website. The captain picks up you or your group from the Riverwalk, Harbour Island or Davis Islands. Then he takes you out on the flats of Tampa Bay, where you are fishing in minutes. Once you’ve caught your limit, he brings you back to shore, cleans your fish and delivers them to the restaurant of your choice. The chef then prepares your fish for lunch or dinner that evening. All you have to do is show up for pickup in the morning, go out for a day of fishing, then arrive at the the participating restaurant of your choice to dine on your catch.

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All trips launch from in and around Downtown Tampa. Whether it is the Tampa Riverwalk, Harbour Island or Davis Islands, just let the captain know where you want to be picked up. You’ll be fishing in a matter of minutes.